29 Years Later, Mod Completely ‘Voxelizes’ Doom

29 Years Later, Mod Completely 'Voxelizes' Doom
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File this under “mods you thought probably already existed”. with Voxel Doomnow you can play footyendary 1993 first person shooter torment stay cool, with all the monsters and stuff rendered in 3D voxels. While there have been smaller-scale voxel mods in the past, this one replaces nearly every one of the game’s old, 2D sprite-based enemies and items, adding a fun new dimension to the classic shooter’s stunning appeal.

Released by Modder today on Mod DB Daniel “Cheello” Peterson, Voxel Doom 1.0 Continue GZDooma popular source port that extensively modernizes torment‘s nearly 30-year-old game engine. veteran torment Modders with folders and folders of WADs are no strangers to GZDoom, but if you’re new to its world torment mods, this is an essential utility to add more functionality to the original game (such as mouse view, jump or crouch) and also to play really cool mods. torment “megawad” privacy from game creator John Romero.

Thus, voxels are like a three-dimensional representation of typical 2D pixels. “Volume pixels”, voxels, are simply points in 3D space with a size and color assigned to them. Throw thousands and thousands of them on the screen at once, and if you make them nice and thick, you get a unique kind of 3D graphics reminiscent of classic 2D sprites, but with an added dimension.

recent games like No Man’s Sky, Valheim, and tear down have used voxel techniques to achieve their unique look and are often preferred when creating disruptive, flexible environments. This technology has been prominently featured in games such as Novalogic’s 1992 helicopter sim for some time. ComancheLooking Glass 1996 New landand the 1999 action-adventure is excellent Isolation. In action, voxels can give off a bit of a “retro” vibe, which makes them such a cool concept addition to classic, sprite-based first-person shooters.

Of course, the sky’s the limit with classic torment Some mods expand on the original game, while others try to add more modern gameplay features. What makes Voxel Doom so cool is that the change in graphics makes the game a little more ‘pop’ while maintaining the original feel of the game. It’s a far cry from the more typical attempts to cram 3D models into these decades-old games, and it usually looks tacky rather than faithful to the original aesthetic.

Mod creator Nash Muhandes from fellow GZDoom spoke about the phenomenon in a stream showcasing the new mod, saying that “if you look [the voxel models] It looks like the original sprite at a certain angle.” This cool illusionary effect of voxels is what initially attracted Cheello to them. In Muhandes’s post, they talked about how turning 2D sprites into 3D voxels results in a kind of mind-blowing effect that doesn’t immediately seem out of place, but instead is particularly fitting. torment‘s event is quite natural on stage.

id Software / Nash Engineers

Treading the corridors of Martian Hell with this mod is sure to be a fun time. Everything from demons to pickup effects and equipment is now animated, but still looks very similar to the classic sprites. While your actual weapons remain regular 2D sprites, the surrounding weapon pickups now look especially cool as they rotate in place. The mod currently only works on the original 1993 tormentbut according to Cheello, “suffering 2 monsters will be completed in the very near future.”

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