A French YouTuber says she “feels uncomfortable” after crashing in a viral video at a Vietnamese wedding

A French YouTuber says she "feels uncomfortable" after crashing in a viral video at a Vietnamese wedding
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A French travel content creator has sparked outrage from netizens after sharing a video of him crashing at a Vietnamese wedding.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Alwin GC (@buyc) makes sure to clarify that he’s not invited to the wedding, but requests entry because he’s “French” and a “YouTuber.” Once inside, Alvin explains how uncomfortable he is as “the only white guy” and “the only foreigner.”

“I walked in and then everyone looked at me […] as if I felt very uncomfortable,” he said.

Standing between the guests and the couple, Alvin positions himself near the main stage to get a close-up shot of the bride and groom. Meanwhile, Alvin continues to express his anxiety at the wedding, stating that he “doesn’t know what to do” and that “no one invited me to their table.”

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Finally, Alwin decides to ask to join the guest desk via Google Translate. After his request is granted, he emphasizes how he “ate so much.”[,] fried food […] we tried a lot of different things and then we obviously drank together.

Although Alvin’s original video was removed from his page, which has more than 500,000 followers and 9.6 million likes, people reacted to the reposts shared on TikTok.

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TikTok user @queerlamp posted his video and wrote: “I’m sure if you come to the US you won’t do it at a white American wedding, you’re a French who feels entitled to attend a Vietnamese wedding. even the food they bought for their INVITED guests. Ofc no one invited you to their table, YOU ARE A STRANGE PERSON WHO INVITED YOURSELF TO A WEDDING.”

These sentiments are echoed by TikTok user @srirachalesbian, who calls it “white male entitlement in Southeast Asia.” “You people swear you’re not like your ancestors (literally grandmothers) and then do these things,” says @srirachalesbian, referring to the history of French colonialism in Vietnam.

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Negative reaction to Alvin’s video spread to Reddit, where the video was uploaded to the r/VietNam and r/ActLikeYouBelong subreddits.

“He doesn’t even act like he belongs” one reddit user commented🇧🇷 “He’s just being polite and insulting.”

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Another commenter in reply he wrote, “Worse still, it exploits cultural differences in politeness. I don’t think they would have felt they could ask him to leave. Imagine going to a loved one’s wedding and looking forward to meeting your relatives – and then you have this shit, using google translate to comment on their every mouthful. ugh.”

In another response to a Reddit post, a user offers a simple solution: “‘I wasn’t invited, I really didn’t know what to do’ Leave you alone.”

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