A man wonders why women put this detail in their online dating bios

A man wonders why women put this detail in their online dating bios
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A man asked the internet why there are so many women on dating apps Instagram manage in bios.

The man took it redditof “Dating Advice” to ask if he should message these women on the forum Instagram — and why women put their Instagram handle on their dating app profiles in the first place. (When he specifically asks about women, it’s not just women who do it.)

“Women Tinder, Do you want guys to send you direct messages when your Instagram is in your bio, even if we don’t match? the author asks. “[It] I feel a little weird DMing a girl because you’ve seen her Insta in your Tinder bio before you’ve even matched.”

He goes on to ask why women need their inclusion Instagram only manage messages from matches if they want them because anyone, including non-matches, can see this information.

“If you only wanted to message guys you matched with, why would you? [your handle] primarily in biography? she asks. “My guess is that girls do it because they’re not used to it Tinder it often happens, but I don’t know.”

Some Redditors say it’s the followers

Readers overwhelmingly responded that they believe people who include social handles on dating apps simply want to increase their chances. followers.

“I think most people who do this just want more followers on Instagram,” said one Redditor.

Other readers wrote that they are hesitant to message people on Instagram because they think they will be ignored.

“I think they don’t appreciate random messages from me, so I ignore it,” said one Redditor.

Still another redditors wrote that they included their handle to prove they weren’t “fishing”.

One Redditor wrote: “I shut down IG to show photos I haven’t seen anyone and my hobbies before.”

“I had it blocked too, but they got access to a few more pictures and were able to get more information about me,” said another Redditor.

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