A video of a superyacht sinking off the coast of Italy was filmed

A video of a superyacht sinking off the coast of Italy was filmed
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A superyacht sank off the coast of southern Italy over the weekend. shared on twitter by the Italian Coast Guard.

The video shows the compilation My Sagathe nearly 130-foot vessel struggles against the waves before slowly sinking.

The yacht was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo, Sicily, on Saturday when it took on water and sank about nine nautical miles from the port of Catanzaro a few hours later, according to local news agencies.

The Coast Guard said on Twitter that all crew members and passengers were rescued and unharmed. He said that he has started an investigation to determine what happened.

My Saga first reported the problem on Saturday Set sail from Gallipoli, in the southeastern peninsula of Italy, according to the country’s National Associated Press Agency (ANSA). Patrol boats of the Italian Crotone coast guard and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) were sent to the scene.

They saw that the ship was taking on water from the stern. Five people – four passengers and a crew member – were initially rescued by a Romanian patrol boat operating on behalf of Frontex. According to ANSA, they were then taken to a coast guard ship and taken to Catanzaro.

Meanwhile, a towing company has been contracted to attempt to salvage the vessel. A tugboat arrived and took the remaining four crew members, including the captain, on board before starting to tow the vessel towards Crotone. However, according to ANSA, the process was complicated by bad weather conditions, as well as the state of the yacht bent over the water.

Eventually, the tug abandoned the yacht and it sank in Squillace Bay. The Coast Guard took the rest of the crew to Catanzaro.

this not for the first time The sunken yacht has attracted attention on the Internet. In May, rapper Cardi B posted footage of a yacht that sank near her hotel while on vacation in an unknown location. The artist was heard shouting when asked if there was “a big boat that could save him”. Finally he said “bye-bye” as he disappeared into the water. He clarified this later there was no one on board.

That same month, passers-by watched another multi-million dollar yacht, the Rendevous, sink after a fire broke out on board in Torquay Harbor, a marina in southwest England. The authorities warned potential air and water pollution because the yacht was carrying about nine metric tons of diesel.

And earlier this month, the 145-meter Aria SF A fire broke out on the coast of Balearic island Formentera An event that was also caught on camera in Spain and widely shared on social media. Those on board were evacuated and no one was injured, Guardian informed. The approximately $23 million yacht has just been handed over to its owner.

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