AMD EPYC processors to see 18% market share by 2024 as Intel’s Xeon server declines, CPUs to see 3x growth

AMD's EPYC 7V73X, Flagship Milan-X, 3D V-Cache CPU Cache Performance Tested, Also Features Better Boosting Design
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AMD server processors, which include the EPYC CPU line, are expected to make big gains in the portability market over the next few years.

AMD EPYC and Arm Server CPUs Set to Win Big Time by 2024 as Intel’s Server Dominance Continues to Collapse

In a recent report by DigiTimes, the outlet reports that the industry expects AMD’s EPYC server shipment market share to see huge growth through 2024. Servers equipped with AMD Server chips are expected to account for 16.3% of the share by 2023 and 18% by 2024. That’s an 80% gain compared to 2020’s 10.1% market share. AMD has seen some huge growth in the cloud data center and HPC server market. Several of the world’s top 500 supercomputers are now equipped with AMD server chips and even the world’s first exascale system. borderfully powered by AMD CPU and GPU hardware combination.

Thanks to the successful penetration of AMD platforms into the cloud data center industry and the HPC server market, AMD-powered servers will account for almost 10% of total server shipments in 2024, up from 10.1% in 2020 and 16.3% in 2023. will make up 18%.

Servers equipped with Arm-based CPUs are expected to enjoy a near 10% share of shipments in 2024, up from 3% in 2020, with Amazon and Nvidia being the main promoters of servers.

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The big boost in these segments has been the demand for more cores, and AMD is currently one of the top chipmakers packing multiple cores into their chips, which their next-gen lineup is expected to offer. 128 colors by 2023 in the form of EPYC Bergamo. DigiTimes industry sources in the upstream supply chain also expect Microsoft and Google to adopt AMD server CPUs for their data center solutions. Recent periods are also highlighted in the report Acquisition of Xilinx This will help AMD gain further traction in the off-the-shelf server market.

With ongoing trade tensions between the US and China, Arm-based servers will also enjoy expansion in China. Alibaba introduced its in-house Arm-based server CPU Yitian 710 in the fourth quarter of 2021, and will implement the CPU into the infrastructure of the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Nvidia is set to release its Arm-based Grace series of server CPUs with integrated GPUs and DPUs to target the cloud HPC and AI server market. The product line is expected to significantly increase the supply share of Arm-based server CPUs after 2024.

via DigiTimes

AMD isn’t the only one seeing growth in the server segment. Non-x86 CPUs, mainly Arm, are expected to account for close to 10% of the market share by 2024, tripling the market share of 3% in 2020. Amazon’s AWS and NVIDIA Grace CPUs Arm CPU architecture will be the main driving force behind this market share growth. with the last delay of the new generation Xeon Sapphire Rapids line and increasing pressure from AMD and Arm, things certainly don’t look good for Intel over the next few years.

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