Apple TV 4K vs PS5: How does performance compare?

Apple TV 4K vs PS5: How does performance compare?
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The the latest Apple TV 4K is available been available to consumers for about a week, and we continue to learn more about the changes and improvements Apple has made with this year’s revision. The new Apple TV 4K is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip and a new depth test from Flat panelsHD It provides an interesting look at how it compares to gaming consoles like the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Apple TV 4K performance test

The A15 chip used by this year’s Apple TV 4K has a 4-core GPU instead of the 5-core GPU version used in the iPhone 13 Pro. It also has a 4-core CPU rather than a 5-core CPU, again indicating that this is a “packaged” version of the A15 Bionic chip used in other devices.

In terms of performance, tests were conducted in comparison with the previous generation Apple TV with an A12 chip inside Flat panelsHD Show that this year’s Apple TV 4K is “about 40% faster.” Apple advertises that it should be 50% faster, but that difference may simply be down to differences in testing methodology.

Another change this year is that the latest Apple TV 4K does not have a fan inside, which leads to a smaller and lighter design. How does this affect performance, cooling and throttling? The new Apple TV 4K actually regulates little from previous model:

In our CPU benchmark test, the A15 was about 40% faster than the A12 in the previous Apple TV—short of the 50% improvement that Apple claims it could have achieved using a different testing methodology. On the other hand, given the lack of active cooling, we were surprised to see the A15 throttle less than the A12. A 20-minute CPU stress test dropped the A12 to 65% and the A15 to just 84%, which means that the new Apple TV 4K can retain most of its CPU performance during prolonged heavy loads in games.

In terms of comparison with game consoles like PS5 and Xbox One:

The CPU in the A15 Bionic is much, much faster than previous-generation game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 5. The A15’s CPU performance core is also significantly faster than the PS5’s CPU core (single-core performance), but the PS5 is ahead on multiple systems. core performance because it has 8 cores as opposed to 5 cores in the Apple TV version of the A15.

As for the GPU, the Apple TV 4K (2022) surpasses 1 TFlops of graphics performance on paper, but it’s a little unclear by how much since there’s no GPU data or benchmark apps for tvOS. In terms of TFlops performance, it still can’t keep up with last-gen gaming consoles like the Xbox One, and it only has half the RAM (4GB vs. 8GB).

On the other hand, the Apple TV 4K (2022) has faster RAM and is equipped with a very fast NVMe SSD, unlike the old-school hard drive in the last generation of consoles. We’re starting to get to a point where Xbox One and PS4 games can theoretically be played on Apple TV without too many compromises.

For years, Apple has been trying to turn the Apple TV into a gaming device, but with little success. These tests highlight that the problem is not performance, but a lack of wider support by developers and game studios. These tests show that little has changed in that department, but the performance of existing games continues to impress.

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Will Apple TV 4K ever become the leading gaming device? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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