Diablo IV Leaks Blizzard Damage Control

Diablo IV Leaks Blizzard Damage Control
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A week has passed since then devil 4 beta testing has startedand players already leaked images of the game on the Internet. The funny thing is that the screenshots have the testers’ ID numbers all over them, which means Blizzard already knows who these people are.

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Obtained from beta testing for leaks Friends and family of Blizzardwho Bloomberg reporter Jason Schrier said it was under an NDA. This means they are legally bound not to share information from the building. However, that hasn’t stopped some testers from uploading screenshots and videos online.

They show relatively no-frills character creatorthe five classes (which already announcedincluding the returning Rogue and Sorcerer class Diablo I and II), difficulty selectors and specifications of the game. The test build is currently just over 67GB, but that may change once the full game is released. Beta tests are meant for developers to make some final tweaks. And if it’s not quite a year yet, there are at least months Diablo IVrelease date.

Listen, I don’t have a horse in this race. But what’s both terrifying and funny to me is that these leakers are uploading screenshots and videos with watermarks all over them. These watermarks indicate a specific build number, which will likely be added to the real name in the Blizzard database. Images may also have been attached to the publisher, with the leakers saying, “John Smith’s private test set up.”

One leaker even said, “I don’t know if I can actually stream this.” one. Good luck getting invited to the next beta test, John Smith.

since Diablo IV beta testing is not open to the general public, so it’s hard to say what the exact results are. The the devil reddit moderators to speculate these consequences may include the suspension of Activision Blizzard’s game store. However, there is no official word on what will happen to the beta testers who posted it Diablo IV leaks. kotaku Reached out to Blizzard but had not heard back by the time of publication.

Diablo IV no exact release date yet, but it’s currently slated for 2023. It was first announced in November 2019. years of uncertainty on the future of the series. The players were worried about it Diablo IV will have the same type of monetization as immortalBlizzard that is a concern directly addressed in a stream: “[Diablo IV] comes across as a fully priced game built strictly for the PC and console audience.

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