Fox News host Emily Compagno makes a case against pregnant women in Kenya amid conflict

Fox News host Emily Compagno makes a case against pregnant women in Kenya amid conflict
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Fox News anchor Emily CompagnoWhile dismissing criticism that women’s rights are being violated in the United States, she claimed this week that pregnant Kenyan women are not only being denied their rights, but are also being physically prevented from leaving their homes.

However, it didn’t take long current Kenyans must speak up considers his comments misleading and requests a correction from the host and network.

Despite the backlash, Compagno isn’t backing down, instead citing an unsourced website to make his case.

During his speech on July 5 Fox News’ late night “comedy” show Gutfeld!, Compagno took issue with celebrity meddling in politics and allegedly trying to “cancel” the 4th of July. She chastised those who complained about the disenfranchisement of American women, saying it paled in comparison to what women in other countries faced.

“The dishonesty of these celebrities is so disgusting to me! It’s so heartbreaking. These comments are completely misleading.” there were many the presenter added fuming: “We have less voting rights? But in Kenya, where pregnant women cannot leave the house, so they do not have the right to vote constructively?”

As mentioned first liberal watchdog Media MattersCompagno’s scathing remarks about Kenya quickly went viral on social media and African news agencies.

“What is this? What is Emily Compagno saying? Pregnant women in Kenya can’t leave the house because they don’t have the right to vote? How does she imagine our country? This statement is false, misleading, insulting and should be retracted,” – Kenyan political strategist Pauline Njoroge he tweeted.

“In Kenya, pregnant women are allowed to leave the house. Pregnant women can vote in Kenya. Pregnant women dominate the voting lines. Under the government’s #lindamama program, pregnant women give birth for free. Take back your statement,” said Esther M. Passaris, a woman member of the Kenyan National Assembly. he tweeted In Compagno.

Many Kenyans on social media drew attention to the African country Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission actually expanded the voting opportunity for pregnant women. As well as the elderly and disabled, waiting women they can avoid long queues and immediately go to the front of the line.

In addition to requesting a correction, many Kenyans He called on Compagno and Fox News to apologize to the host “ignorant“and”unaware” comments, they felt that they were “trashing” their homeland.

When reached for comment on the controversy, Compagno — through a Fox News spokeswoman — followed up on her words, pointing to two websites where she found claims that pregnant women in Kenya are barred from leaving their homes. That essentially limits their right to vote, hence his use of the word “constructive” on Tuesday night.

a site, Grazia Daily, wrote that in western Kenya, “the appearance of pregnant women in public is prohibited by cultural norms, meaning that a large number of women cannot vote.” other site, World Population Review, wrote: “Kenyan women are prohibited from going on long walks (e.g. polling stations) and pregnant women are prohibited from leaving the house. High disease rates and a history of election-related violence also keep women at home.”

Neither of the two websites cite any official sources to support the claims.

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