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Pixel 7 launch live blog
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Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

(Image credit: Google)

Let’s talk about Pixel 7 colors. Google has already revealed the options for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but it’s good to know what they are so you can decide what you can get for yourself.

The regular Pixel 7 comes in Obsidian, Lemongrass, and Snow. Meanwhile, the Pixel 7 Pro adds another camera on the back and comes in Obsidian, Hazel and Snow. Hazelnut and Lemongrass options are described above.

I’d say lemongrass is the boldest color in the bunch, but what do you love? Sound off in the comments.

Image of Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

How about some features for the Pixel Watch? According to the leaker Yogesh Brar (opens in new tab) (via French retailer) The Pixel Watch has a 1.6-inch AMOLED display and it sits in a 41mm body. Additionally, the Pixel Watch’s display offers up to 1,000 nits of brightness, which should be vivid enough for outdoor reading.

Other leaked features include ECG capture capability and 5 ATM water resistance. The processor appears to be an older Exynos 9110 paired with 2GB of RAM and a battery life of up to 24 hours.

The renders show Pixel 7 Pro colors

(Image credit: Evan Blass/Twitter)

Based on the latest rumors, there are two reasons to be excited about the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera setup. The first is the 5x optical zoom, which surpasses the 3x optical zoom of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Digital zoom should also go further, as it is expected to reach 30x compared to 15x for the high-end iPhone.

Even more interesting is the leaked Macro Focus mode. The iPhone Pro series does a pretty good job of taking macro shots with its ultra-wide cameras, so it’s interesting to see what Google does with its computational photography magic.

One thing many people are interested in learning is whether the Tensor processor will see any performance improvements (machine learning and AI-powered features are the real focus of Google’s silicon.) “Hardware performance improvements are table stakes,” Tuong Nguyen of Gartner told us Tensor G2 preview. “It can and will be better.”

How good is it? leaking Yogesh Brar writes some numbers (opens in new tab).

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To sum it up, it sounds like the Tensor G2 will be better in terms of performance, although it still won’t be compatible with Android phones running Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or 8 Plus Gen 1 chipsets, rather than the early Gen 2 version. In 2023.

Pixel 6a deals

(Image credit: Future)

When the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro arrive on Thursday, they will be the second phones Google has released this year. pixel 6a came out in the summer.

Assuming Google doesn’t adjust pricing on the Pixel 7 — and it’s rumored to start at the same $599 as the Pixel 6 — budget-minded buyers will be the ones to decide. Regardless of the updated Tensor chip and other advantages offered by the Pixel 7, will it be enough to justify the $150 increase over the Pixel 6a’s $449 price? (And if you use one of these the best Pixel 6a deals You can currently find the phone for less than $400.)

We won’t be able to fully answer that question until we get a chance to test the Pixel 7, but we do Pixel 7 vs. pixel 6a A comparison can give you an idea of ​​what to expect at a launch event.

iPhone 14 Plus

(Image credit: Future)

Product release doesn’t happen in a vacuum – even robotic vacuum product launch — and the debut of Google’s Pixel 7 certainly comes at an exciting time for the smartphone world. The opening event takes place the day before the final iPhone 14 model is available in stores—a fact we expect Apple to mention before, during, and after the Made by Google event.

This upcoming iPhone release includes the iPhone 14 Plus, in case you forgot. It’s a 6.7-inch model that gives buyers a chance to get a big-screen Apple phone without paying a premium. iPhone 14 Pro Max the price. (The Plus costs $899 and the Pro Max costs $1,099.) Hands-on impressions of the iPhone 14 Plustogether with Google Pixel 7 vs. iPhone 14 Google product pre-release comparison.

Nest Wifi Pro alongside other Google smart home devices

(Image credit: Google)

Thursday’s Made by Google event will unveil new Pixel phones and more than just the Pixel Watch. Google also said that the new Nest products will have the features – apparently Google announced these devices a few days ago.

Specifically, the Nest smart home products announced this week include the Google Nest Wifi Pro (shown above), the second-generation Nest Doorbell, and the updated Google Home app. Editor-in-Chief Mike Prospero is particularly pleased with the changes to Google Home, as they will add the ability to turn smart home devices on or off based on the state of another device. This should make Google’s smart home platform comparable to what Apple and Amazon have to offer.

As for Google’s new router, here are some Reasons to buy and switch to Google Nest Wifi Pro.

Description of Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

One thing we know the difference between the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the bands. Google uses a special connection system for its bands.

Fortunately, the default Active Bands leaked ahead of the expected Pixel Watch we know how it works. It should be pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but it seems like a different approach than we’ve seen on other smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs.  Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide / Google)

Of course, leaks are all good, but what we really want to know about is the Pixel Watch the best smart watch there. Especially for Android users who have great options on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Fortunately, we thought the same thing and put it Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Google Pixel Watch. Read on to find out if we think the Pixel Watch could be one of the best Wear OS devices when it debuts.

Pixel Watch leak

(Image credit: OnLeaks / SlashLeaks)

One of the best things about smartwatches is that they allow for a lot of customization. And that will be true for the Google Pixel Watch Trusted tipster OnLeaks posted a number of faces that the Pixel Watch will supportalso a mix of straps.

These straps come in block color silicone and leather versions with a woven belt shape and a more durable strap set for outdoor use. As for the colors, they’re all a bit more muted than we’ve come to expect from Google, with only the green and red fabric options providing a more playful look.

Pixel Watch leak

(Image credit: OnLeaks / SlashLeaks)

Pre-release unboxing of what appears to be the Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Suckmyn00dle/Reddit)

Alright, let’s talk about the Pixel Watch. If you’re wondering what it might look like outside of Google renders and lifestyle images, well then Check out some images from the first Google Pixel Watch unboxing video.

Although the design looks pleasingly minimal, you can see the thick display bezels, which may be off-putting to some. I (Roland Moore-Colyer) am still open to the design, it looks a bit like the Apple Watch crossed with the Galaxy Watch 5. Before I agree to walk away from Cupertino’s smartwatch, I’ll have to give it a try.

google pixel 6 pro in white with deal tag

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

If you decide to skip Google’s October event for the Pixel 7 phones, but instead wait for the Pixel Watch, then you might be interested. We found this killer Pixel 6 deal.

You can catch it right now Google Pixel 6 (128GB) $199 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab), that’s a heck of a drop from the original $599 price tag. It’s clear that Best Buy is paving the way for new Google phones, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying the Pixel 6. best android phone.

The official render of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, shown in triple black, white and green colors

(Image credit: Google)

If you’re impressed with the Google Pixel 7 Pro, what about its streamlined design and smart chip? you may want to pre-order.

Especially since it comes with a killer per-order gift in the form of the Pixel Watch, at least according to tech tipster Roland Quandt (opens in new tab)it also says that this pre-order bonus will also apply to the Pixel 7.

Description of Google Tensor G2

(Image credit: Google)

When it comes to specs, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro may seem disappointing, being iterative improvements over the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. But the specifications of standard phones are not the whole story here.

Rather, it’s the Tensor G2 chip that could provide a big boost in smart capabilities compared to the first-generation Tensor chip. It may mean we get a better result Magic Eraser, as well as a mix of new smart features. This will likely be the focus of the Google event.

Google Pixel 7

(Image credit: Google)

Here’s one of the biggest leaks we’ve got leading up to the Google October event Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro specs. These are as previously rumored and expected, especially with cameras comprising a 50MP main, 12MP ultra-wide and 10.8MP selfie cameras on both phones, while the Pixel 7 Pro also has a 48MP telephoto camera.

What’s improved are the zoom levels these cameras can achieve. According to the specs, you can now get 7x to 8x Super Res Zoom (using the main camera) on the Pixel 7. Google Pixel 6. Meanwhile, the Pixel 7 Pro gets even better Pixel 6 Pro4x optical zoom, switching to 5x zoom, with a maximum zoom of 30x when mixing both optical and digital zoom.

Check out the screenshot of the leaked features below.

A screenshot of the translated leaked specification sheets for the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro

(Image credit: Google News on Telegram)

A leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Roland Quandt)

Let’s start with something new Google Pixel Watch leakage. This comes courtesy of serial last-minute leaker Roland Quandt, who appears to have gotten his hands on marketing materials for the Pixel Watch.

To reveal what these new images look like The Google Pixel Watch has ridiculously large bezels. This contrasts with an earlier video from Google that showed a smartwatch that appeared to be more of a display area. This may be a little disappointing for some, who were hoping for a near bezel-less display. Apple Watch 8. But before we can conclude whether the large bezels are a terrible mistake or simply compliment the watch’s rounded design, we need to get our hands on the Pixel Watch first.

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