Google Stadia provides support for servers with Nvidia GPUs

Google Stadia provides support for servers with Nvidia GPUs
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It looks like Google Stadia and / or Immersive Stream for Games is about to shake up its graphics with new support for servers built with Nvidia GPUs.

Since its launch in 2019, Google Stadia – and the Immersive Streaming Service for Games is under it – Equipped by custom-made GPUs From AMD. Researchers generally agree that Stadia servers run on AMD’s Radeon Pro V340 or something close to it.

According to information shared with us by the consultant, Google may have plans for Stadia and Immersive Stream to support additional graphics equipment. The information comes from a modified version of the Linux kernel that requires Stadia to be open source.

into change the code Since last month, we’ve seen Google add a way for its automated builder (“Kokoro“) Insert the necessary drivers for Nvidia GPUs.

Add support to the kokoro work script to create a disk containing the required UMD / KMD NVIDIA modules and the corresponding support files for the samples using the NVIDIA gpu.

So far, there is no clue as to which particular Nvidia graphics card (s) will come to Stadia and Immersive Stream. Although AMD has long offered open source GPU drivers for use with Linux devices, Nvidia has only recently began to offer the same.

Thus, the newly introduced Nvidia drivers for the Stadia are (not yet) available for testing. Despite the lack of details, the effects here are quite interesting.

Given that Stadia’s current game schedule is generally optimized to run on AMD graphics cards, it’s unlikely that Google will change its servers to run on Nvidia GPUs. Doing so could potentially cause problems in those games and disrupt existing players / customers.

Instead, it seems more likely that this Nvidia device will be available as an alternative platform for games for developers. One possibility is that the change is simply Google offering more options for game developers or potentially compensating for the ongoing chip shortage. In these cases, Nvidia’s hardware will probably be the same as the Stadia games running today.

However, a more interesting possibility is the presence of Google can be is developing hardware upgrades for Stadia and Immersive Stream with next-generation GPUs to play more graphically intensive games. With strong competition from other cloud streaming services, including GeForce Now RTX 3080 level and Game Pass streaming Upgrade to Xbox Series X – Stadia, of course, is ready to improve.

For now, we’ll have to be patient to see what this Nvidia hardware change really does.

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