King Charles Gestures Angrily As He Helps Clear Table During Announcement Ceremony

King Charles Gestures Angrily As He Helps Clear Table During Announcement Ceremony
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On Saturday, Charles III was announced as the new king of Britain.

“pissed off” videos King Charles III The new monarch went viral on the internet after she gestured to royal aides with a scowl on her face during the official coronation ceremony.

After his death Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, the Council of Accession made the official announcement of King Charles on Saturday. However, moments before signing the Declaration of Accession, the monarch had to frantically gesture to aides to clear the table where he would inscribe his name on the documents.

Watch the video below:

In the clip, King Charles appeared disappointed that there was both a pencil case and an inkwell on a small table, which should be suitable for large documents. He motioned for the assistants to clear the table, causing things to be rearranged.

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After the documents were placed, King Charles again gestured for help to remove the pencil case from the table, giving him room to sign the historic document.

This awkward moment caught the attention of several social network users. While some found the moment humorous, others found it surprisingly relatable. “First day on the job and already fed up. LOL,” wrote one user. “Given the situation, I’d be pissed too,” added another.

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Meanwhile, during the ceremony, the 73-year-old man officially took the oath as the new king, saying that he deeply understands the “duty and heavy responsibility of sovereignty”. He said his mother, who died at Balmoral on Thursday, “set an example of lifelong and selfless service” that he vowed to emulate.

In his first address to the nation, King Charles said: “As the Queen herself has done with such unswerving loyalty, I now solemnly pledge to uphold the constitutional principles which lie at the heart of our nation for the remainder of the time that God has given me.” Saturday.

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