Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI are asking the court to throw out the AI ​​copyright lawsuit

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI are asking the court to throw out the AI ​​copyright lawsuit
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Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI are asking the court to dismiss a proposed class action complaint that accuses the companies of infringing code licensed to build GitHub’s AI-powered Kopilot tool. as previously reported by Reuters. One couple documents Microsoft-owned GitHub and OpenAI, which were filed in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday, said the allegations in the lawsuit were without merit.

Things came to a head when programmer and lawyer Matthew Butterick joined the legal team at Joseph Savery Law Firm. file a proposed class action lawsuit last November, claims the tool is based on “software piracy on an unprecedented scale.” Butterick and his legal team later filed a second application Microsoft wants GitHub and OpenAI to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit on behalf of two anonymous software developers on similar grounds.

As noted in the filing, Microsoft and GitHub say the complaint “fails on two intrinsic defects”: lack of injury and lack of an otherwise viable claim, while OpenAI similarly asserts that the plaintiffs “have a bag claim that does not allege infringement.” recognized legal rights.” The companies argue that the plaintiffs are relying on “hypothetical events” to make their claims and say they have not described how they were personally harmed by the device.

“Copilot does not derive anything from publicly available source code,” Microsoft and GitHub said in the filing. “Instead, Copilot helps developers write code by making suggestions based on what it learns from the entire pool of knowledge it has from public code.”

In addition, Microsoft and GitHub allege that the plaintiffs are “violating open source principles” by claiming “applications and multi-billion dollar profits” related to “software they share as open source.” “

A hearing to dismiss the lawsuit is scheduled for May, and Joseph Savery Law Offices did not immediately respond. The Vergecomment request.

Other companies are also looking into artificial intelligence, and Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI aren’t the only companies facing legal challenges. Earlier this month Butterick and Joseph Savery Law Firm filed another lawsuit with his claim AI art tools created by MidJourney, Stability AI, and DeviantArt violate copyright laws by illegally copying artists’ work from the Internet. Getty Images is also suing Stability AI over the allegations the company’s Stable Diffusion tool “illegally” removed images from the site.

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