New Silent Hill 2 PS5 Remake based on the Classic Horror Game

New Silent Hill 2 PS5 Remake based on the Classic Horror Game
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James, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, checks his face in the mirror.

screenshot: Konami / Kotaku

Update 10/19/2022 5:46 PM ET: Konami Live Stream — more video dumps and that’s all it advertises– he concluded, and the long-circulating rumors were confirmed: Silent Hill 2 It is being remade for PlayStation 5 and PC. The stream wasted no time, diving right into the trailer for the next-gen remake.

opens with that iconic shot of Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland looks in the mirror and wonders if his wife Mary is waiting for him. James then walks through the foggy streets of the city as we see a cinematic montage of familiar sights impressively rendered in modern graphics.

Think for yourself:


The trailer is short, but it confirms at least three things: The Silent Hill 2 the remake is currently available on the PS5 wishlist Developed by Bloober Team, and will be locked to PlayStation (and PC) for 12 months after launch. Sorry Xbox fans.

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The original story follows.

just an hour ago its official presentation details on some today silent Hill projects were leaked by none other than Konami itself. Way to talk about yourself, huh?

If you don’t know, Konami will hold silent Hill Live broadcast Today around 4:50pm ET on YouTube. The purpose of the broadcast, according to the video’s description, will be to “reveal the latest news.” silent Hill series.” That’s cool, but that description seems to have been updated, as Twitter user Nibel discovered that the previous version details what might be on display.

according to now deleted information in the live stream descriptionKonami noted that a Silent Hill 2 will be available on the PlayStation Store at some point. Although the description of the video may not be very interesting, A Twitch streamer named SurvivalHorrorNetwork shared an automated Twitch email they received letting them know that the copyright holder – Konami – is making money from their test stream. The copyrighted content mentioned in the alleged email was “Silent Hill 2: Part 1,” which regardless of the potential Silent Hill 2 It will be a two-part game.

Additional hints emerge from the metadata of live streams Posted on ResetEra gaming forum for thorough inspection. It’s called code Silent Hill 2upcoming movie Return to Silent Hill, and something called “Silent Hill: Ascent.” The live stream will apparently include interviews and a teaser trailer, as well as possible PlayStation and Steam mentions. The reference to PlayStation in the metadata is a big deal for some Era users, as many note that Silent Hill 2 the remake will be a timed exclusive for Sony’s consoles for a long time.

kotaku Konami has been contacted for comment.

Finally, the site called WhatIfGaming claims to have heard Silent Hill 2 redo the details from an anonymous source, including an over-the-shoulder camera, “amazing” graphics, and the return of series art director Masahiro Ito and beloved composer Akira Yamaoka. The source claims that the Bloober Team is developing a new one Silent Hill 2, a rumor circulating at least since May 2022 leaked screenshots have started doing the rounds. In June 2022, Bloober Team announced their current project, The Layers of fear kind of rebootedit will build on the foundations of that franchise with an “exciting new story and gameplay direction.”

Well, in a few hours we’ll see what Konami is up to silent Hill fans. But it looks like we may already have a pretty good idea of ​​one of his biggest “surprises.”

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