Nine more games to leave Xbox Game Pass soon (December 31)

Nine more games to leave Xbox Game Pass soon (December 31)
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@themightyant My issues with 2018 is that the wide design isn’t wide enough, it feels like a PS2 game with rails. Technically I don’t mind, I actually prefer the older GoW series to 2018 by a fair margin, with bland puzzles that take too long to find Waldo, and a serious lack of combat variety. It basically repeats the same combos and the annoying shield/healing enemies make the fight too long for each fight. The first gameplay video I saw of ragnarok looked a little more like “classic” GoW in that regard, so hopefully the sequel is a little more fun to fight.

Yes, I’m a general fan of Ubisoft design (although I do have the pre-2.5 AC games!) but I’ve always felt that SP was basically “better Ubisoft”. So is Horizon, but SP has a history of being the “better Ubi” with inFamous as well. Although they may have gone a little TOO Ubi with GoT. Horizon definitely does its job to some degree. Part of it is that being in the “open” world is really dangerous. Like, not a good idea and you have to walk around a lot. It is not always intended to dive into every corner of the world. AC doesn’t have robotic hunter-killer T-Rexes if you take the direct route from Alexandria to Thermopolis.

But I am in the same place with the series. I really WANT to play through Odyssey and Valhalla….but I always have to pick a 100+ hour game I want to play and so far P5, Trails, Yakuza (OMG I have so much space to cover those two) are the winners

At least I feel better about being stuck in DIFFERENT time slots than you. Tales of is a decently long but very manageable sized series of games. I mean, I spent 1.5-2 months on Aris, it was manageable. Same with Vesperia.

But it’s no wonder you have free time for other games, you’re stuck on the Yakuza and Trails series. The yakuza games if you do everything i.e. the mini game economy games required are easily 100 hours each (I’m 120 hours into 0 and I’m still wrapping up the cabaret game, still a lot of actual play left.. I should probably go for another 800 hours of Yakuza yes. And double that for Trails/Legend of Heroes. This series is like 12 games with 150 hours? Amazing series for JRPG fans, just amazing, but there are times when I want to do it. easy and just throw cheese bosses to move it because it’s just too long …. But it’s a very, once in a lifetime series.

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