PlayStation Stars will be released in Japan and Asia on September 29, in the Americas on October 5, and in Europe and Australia on October 13.

PlayStation Stars will be released in Japan and Asia on September 29, in the Americas on October 5, and in Europe and Australia on October 13.
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The Game station The Star Awards program will begin on September 29 in Asia, including Japan, on October 5 in North and South America, and on October 13 in Europe and Australia. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

It will be available through the full PlayStation Stars experience PlayStation Software on iOS and Android. Users can also join the program through It will be expanded for console devices in the future.

Get the full FAQ below.

When does PlayStation Stars start?

Below are the following launch dates for PlayStation Stars:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5 (local time)
  • Europe and Australia: October 13 (local time)

What do I need to join PlayStation Stars? PlayStation Plus membership required?

PlayStation Stars is free to join. You only need to have an adult account for PlayStation Network and accept the app’s Terms of Service. Although you get certain benefits for being a PlayStation Plus member, you don’t need a PlayStation Plus membership to join PlayStation Stars.

How do I access PlayStation Stars?

The full PlayStation Stars experience is available through the PlayStation App on iOS and Android. You can also join PlayStation Stars via

We have plans to expand to console devices in the future.

How does the program work?

With PlayStation Stars, you earn rewards by completing various campaigns and activities. Our “Monthly Check-in” campaign simply requires you to play any game to claim the prize. Other campaigns will ask you to win special trophies or even be one of the first players to win a blockbuster title in their country/region. One of our first campaigns is called “Hit Play/1994” where members who correctly launch games that match song-based clues get a special collection.

Campaigns are updated regularly, so check the PlayStation App to see new campaigns.

What prizes can I win?

There are two types of rewards – loyalty points and digital collections. Points can be redeemed in a catalog that can include PSN wallet funds, exclusive digital collections and select PlayStation Store products. As an added benefit, PlayStation Plus members who sign up for PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases on the PlayStation Store.

Digital collections are beautifully presented, digital representations of what PlayStation fans enjoy, including figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that touch on Sony’s history of innovation. There will be new collectibles to earn on a regular basis, very rare collectibles to strive for, or something surprising to collect just for fun.

Digital collectibles you’ve earned or acquired can be showcased in the PlayStation App. If you want, you can also set the display container to be viewed by others.

Initially, all members will receive the Star Gazer Telescope just by joining. We will buy the gondola from Punto Monkey Run 2PocketStation records Toro and Kuro and more as some of the first digital collectibles for members to win or acquire.

Are there some kind of digital collections? Can I sell or trade my digital collections?

These digital collections are created exclusively for our loyalty program and although some are rare, they are not unique and do not use blockchain technology. They cannot be resold or sold. Digital collectibles can only be earned or acquired through PlayStation Stars.

How can I find out how rare a digital collection is?

You can find the rarity of the digital collection on the campaign details screen and the collection details page.

How do I track and redeem my points?

You can find your points balance in your Player Profile / PlayStation Stars Points History in the PlayStation App. Points can be used to redeem items in your Rewards Catalog, which may include Digital collectibles, games or digital PSN wallet funds.

To redeem your points, go to the PlayStation App > Player Profile > Playstation Stars > Rewards Catalogue.

What are the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member if I join PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Plus membership is not required to join PlayStation Stars. However, as a PlayStation Plus member, if you join PlayStation Stars, you can earn points for shopping on the PlayStation Store, including every subscription payment for your PlayStation Plus membership. Please note that PSN Wallet top-ups are not eligible to earn PlayStation Stars points.

What are the status levels?

PlayStation Stars will have four status levels that reflect the milestones you’ve reached. They are based on the number of unusual trophies earned for the game, as well as full game purchases from the PlayStation Store. The higher your level, the more bonuses and benefits you can get.

How long will I stay at my status level?

Once you reach a status level, you will remain there for the remainder of the calendar year and an additional 13 months. For example, if you earned Tier 2 status in October, your Tier 2 status will remain in effect for that calendar year and for the next 13 months from January 1 of the following year to January 31 of the following year.

Please apply for more information PlayStation Stars web page when launched in your region.

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