PMDG Releases 10th Update Affecting 737 Product Lines

PMDG Releases 10th Update Affecting 737 Product Lines
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This week, PMDG released the latest series of updates to the 737 Product Line for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As always, Robert Randazzo took it PMDG Forums detailing the changes in this release and also setting the stage for upcoming testing as Sim Update 11 approaches. An interesting fact is that this is PMDG’s 10th release for the 737 Product Line, resulting in an average update every 18 days since May!

These latest updates to users focus on general control law and improving the stability of the 737 in an evolving MSFS environment. Although somewhat easier in P3D, performing a fully realistic model of fluidity, stability, and instability in an atmospheric model is much more difficult in the highly dynamic world of MSFS. Randazzo continues:it took some time, but we’ve made significant progress recently, and this update brings us closer to where we want the package to be.” This is very positive news, with tests entering -900 likely within a week from today.

Many users remain excited about the introduction of the EFB tablet. Randazzo noted that progress is ongoing and the tablet is being tested this week!

All eyes at PMDG are currently on the Sim Update 11 release schedule. Rest assured that the team will be ready to handle any emergencies that may appear after the final release of SU11 is distributed.

change log

The changelog for 3.00.0044 is as follows:
0011898: [Systems – Hydraulic] EDP ​​Low Pressure lights on late start (rsrandazzo)
0012029: [AFDS – Pitch Modes] Downgrading: Provision for FS atmosphere “bursts”, up/down pumping pad (emvaos)
0012002: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC Clipping and various findings (vscimone)
0010744: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Wrapping ETA and time differences around 0000z (emvaos).
0012006: [FMS/AFDS – VNAV] Revival of CRZ phase even in geometric descent (emvaos)
0011655: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] Providing and improving A/T speed mode on SU10+ turbulent (emvaos).
0010628: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] New AT SPD mode system (emvaos)
0012005: [External Model – Geometry] Is it necessary to tone down the cabin lighting after SU10? (jbrown)
0011992: [External Model – Geometry] Pilots are not displayed in the external view (jbrown)
0011993: [AFDS – Pitch Modes] Oscillations when using V/S for landing. (don’t run away)
0011996: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Small hook in VC’s ceiling, (vscimone)
0011976: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Cleaning VC Vertices (vscimone).
addendum: provisions for stability with known SU11 changes.

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