Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Pre-Order Bonuses Are Terrible

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Pre-Order Bonuses Are Terrible
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Gamer salt over pre-order bonuses is nothing new. But this time pokemon considers the salt of society partially justified. amazon recently featured an infographic details what fans can get with the order red and purple digitally ahead of release: a set of 10 potions, 10 antidotes, and three revives. The rewards feel so trivial that fans scoff at online bonuses.

We have already learned about these bonuses earlier this monthBut having meager rewards displayed in a picture is very different from reading about them in a bulleted list.

“I wasn’t interested in these games at first, but once they said I could pre-order to get 10 potions in the game, that’s when everything changed,” quipped one user, hinting that the measly bonuses likely won’t sway anyone. did Getting one of Nintendo’s most anticipated games of the year. Another fan was more blunt in his criticism: “You can beat two or three trainers on the first path to get enough Pokédollars to buy all these items.”

it’s fair players who purchased the game digitally will be also get five full heals, three ethers, a rare candy and an ingot. However, these are still fairly common items that you will encounter regularly in the game. There are some fans shown he is japanese red and purple buyers get physical art books, which is more in line with what most fans expect when they pre-order the game. Others relax days of getting exclusive Pokémon at distribution events, like specials torch in pokemon x and Y.

However, that’s just for if you purchase a single game digitally. Players who purchase the two-pack of both versions will receive 100 Pokéballs. If you buy the game from the official Pokémon Center, you’ll be able to obtain this flower pattern backpack. I might have been more excited if the Pokémon Center hadn’t given me a Scorbunny plush to pre-order. pokemon shield A few years ago.

What store listings should do we have announced special crystal Pikachu that players will get if they buy the game before February 28, 2023. This Pikachu can use the flying type Fly move, which it cannot learn naturally. So there’s a special bonus for buying the game early, but it’s not exclusive to just buying it red and purple before the launch date.

pokemon red and purple will be released on November 18.

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