The Epic Games Store is turning into one of the biggest free games yet for Christmas

The Epic Games Store is turning into one of the biggest free games yet for Christmas
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The Epic Games Store‘s ongoing free game event could bring users one of the store’s biggest games on Christmas Day. This giveaway, if it pans out as people expect and expect, will ensure that former PlayStation exclusives and the most talked about games of 2019 will be free for anyone with an Epic Games Store account. This free game is like no other Death Strandingthe newest Hideo Kojima game there is already a sequel as well as movie set in the world of the first game.

News Death Stranding It’s likely that the next free game in the Epic Games Store’s holiday event is based on a wrapping paper teaser image of the next mystery game. Like other teasers, this one also contains a symbol that hints at what the next game will be. It shows a necklace with three rectangular objects hanging from it, a necklace that people feel is similar to the one Sam is wearing. Death Stranding🇧🇷 That image can be seen below, along with a vote of confidence from Wario64, one of Twitter’s top sources for gaming news and deals.

If that teaser wasn’t enough, other assets To confirm this, it is believed to be already found in the Epic Games Store Death Stranding it really will be with the free Epic Games Store game of Christmas Day. Images showing the box art for Death Stranding Epic Games’ giveaway of a free game added legitimacy to the claim, and a teaser from the Chinese version of the Epic Games Store is believed to have used the “Tomorrow is in your hands” quote often used for hype in the game’s marketing. tomorrow’s free game.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet until Epic Games officially announces its free-to-play game for December 25th, but it’s likely to happen. Death Stranding (not the main edition Director’s Cut, due to leaks). The only other alternative some have suggested is that the game could be Raji: An Ancient Epic where the necklace looks more like the one in the picture but leaking assets and belief Death Stranding It would have been a big name game more appropriate for Christmas, leading many to stick to their beliefs Death Stranding is the next free Epic Games Store game.

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