The new look of Gmail will now adorn your inbox any day

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Google is also debuting a Gmail view only for users who don’t care about Chat and Meet

Google announced in February this year New integrated view for Gmail on the Internet Meet with more depth, with the integration of Spaces and Chat. Then you had to join to test the design, that is, if you are interested, you had to manually activate the option to try the new Gmail view. This is changing now because Google is introducing a new experience with a layer of material based on rejection for a small portion of users, meaning it will automatically activate a new UI for them. The layout is also changed to avoid entrusting the Chat and Meet functions to users.

With this new design, the big G company wants to turn Gmail into a one-time productivity web application. The integrated view ensures that you change the tabs to continue your ongoing conversations or join a video call. If you just want to check your emails, you have the option to deactivate the Chat and Meet apps in the quick settings and use only the Gmail view. Now in the old design, the integration of these services has always been a little more difficult. The new design fixes this by giving Chat, Spaces and Meet the space they deserve. The innovation in today’s announcement is the Material You line in the new layout, which gives the UI a fresher look, the new blue background and the more boxed design button are the most obvious changes.


If you only use Gmail, Chat and Meet will not be downloaded to you as part of the new design. Google notes announcement with the updated view, you’ll only get a Gmail view – in which case Chat, Spaces, and Meet integrations are automatically disabled. This has not been the case before, and it is likely that Google will make this change after receiving criticism.

If you are not a fan of the updated design, you can return to the old look from the quick settings. You can access it by clicking on it Settings Click on the button in the upper right corner of Gmail and search the Internet Return to the original Gmail view short. This option will not last long, because Google wants everyone to move to a new design. Similarly, you can choose to try a new experience from there.

It usually takes 15 days to introduce new features to Google Workspace and personal Gmail accounts. This time, he notes, the presentation “could potentially take more than 15 days for visibility.”

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