The Taliban has stopped university education for women in Afghanistan

The Taliban has stopped university education for women in Afghanistan
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The Taliban government has suspended university education for all female students in Afghanistan brutal suppression about the rights and freedoms of Afghan women.

A spokesman for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education confirmed the suspension of the interview to CNN on Tuesday. In the letter published by the Ministry of Education, it was stated that the decision was taken at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers and the order will come into force immediately.

Girls were banned returns to high schools in MarchAfter the Taliban ordered the closure of girls’ schools, which were due to reopen after months of lockdowns imposed after the Taliban took over in August 2021, several hours later.

Human Rights Watch criticized the ban on Tuesday, calling it a “shameful decision that violates the right of women and girls to education in Afghanistan.”

“The Taliban make it clear every day that they do not respect the fundamental rights of Afghans, especially women,” the human rights organization said in a statement.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a briefing on Tuesday that the US condemns “the Taliban’s indefensible decision to ban women from university.”

According to him, the Taliban’s latest decision “will have significant consequences for the Taliban and will further alienate the Taliban from the international community and deny them the legitimacy they crave.”

The closure of the girls’ high school in March had a “significant impact” on US relations with Taliban representatives, Price added.

“With the implementation of this decree, half of the population of Afghanistan will soon not be able to study beyond primary school,” he said.

Robert Wood, the US acting representative for special political affairs, has previously echoed these criticisms, saying at a UN Security Council briefing that “the Taliban cannot expect to be a legitimate member of the international community until they respect the rights of all Afghans.” especially the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women and girls”.

The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 when it was ousted by a US-led occupation group, have historically treated women as second-class citizens, subjecting them to violence, forced marriages and an invisible presence in the country. .

Since seizing power in Afghanistan last year, the Taliban have tried to project a more moderate image to gain international support.

However, although it has made numerous promises to the international community to protect the rights of women and girls, the Taliban is doing the opposite, systematically suppressing their rights and freedoms.

In Afghanistan, women can no longer work in most sectors, require a male guardian for long-distance travel, and are ordered to cover their faces in public.

They also put restrictions on girls’ education. ban on women from certain workplaces, taking away the rights they have fought tirelessly for the past two decades.

In November, Afghan women were prevented from entering theme parks in Kabul as the government announced restrictions on women’s access to public parks. This is reported by Reuters.

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