Velma is the best fighter in MultiVersus, WB’s Smash Bros. get

Velma is the best fighter in MultiVersus, WB's Smash Bros.  get
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Velma, a support character from WB's Multiversus, a new fighting game that follows Smash Bros.

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MultiVersus without a doubt, Ultra Instinct began with what is known as the Shaggy meme. Retrieved from YouTuber Media editing from an episode Scooby Doo – American cartoon hero! The Legend of Phantosaurus— where a hypnotized Shaggy single-handedly defeats a gang of bikers — was a viral hit that some felt culminated in the creation of the WB free-to-play brawler. That’s why it was a shock to learn that Velma Dinkley was indeed a prominent Mystery Inc. warrior MultiVersus and not Shaggy.

In fact, I tend to go one step further. Velma is by far one of the best characters in the game. Backed by his curious nature and supporting skills, he offers his fans a unique play style. For example, Velma does not intervene, she relies on his words during a fight. His brilliant thoughts can heal allies, and his motivational speeches can singe flying opponents. In fact, Velma will follow and beat eternal “Jinkies” out of unsuspecting enemies if she has to.

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Velma is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. This despite his lack of physical prowess. She’s not as fast (or as deadly) as Arya Stark, and she doesn’t offer the explosive power that Steven Universe does. However, he still beats them both when it comes to being the right teammate. That’s the point MultiVersus. While it has solo and free-for-all options, the main game mode is its 2v2 team battle format. There is give and take. Synergize with a partner’s abilities to overcome opposition. Velma does it easily.

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As a supporting character, Velma’s main role is to provide assistance during battle. This is done by buffing allies and damaging/debuffing enemies. One of the things that sets it apart is the level of support provided and the overall strength of its various abilities. Pick up Velma’s neutral attack and special abilities. With a quick tap of the attack button, you can send out projectiles of his Supportive Words that seek out targeted friends and enemies. If these word bubbles hit an enemy, they will juggle them while dealing a decent amount of damage. This effect changes if an ally is targeted; when hit, they’ll not only rush (they can move faster), but they’ll also spawn additional word bubbles to attack enemies and heal Velma.

Velma’s neutral special move called Motivational Speaker is also a solid ability. This move sends out a boost beam that repeatedly hits opponents, dealing damage while also applying a debuff called “weakened” – giving them extra damage and bounce back from attacks for a limited time. If it lands on an ally, they will not only heal, but send out a stronger version of the beam.

What’s so great about these attacks (besides the obvious)? First, both heal. They also compliment each other. “You can!” beam not only weakens opposing players, but also targets them for Velma’s Support Words. Most of his other moves are similar in this regard. Each one offers some serious damage when boosted by a teammate, while also providing powerful buffs. The only downside is the cooldown timers that prevent Velma from spamming the better parts of her arsenal.

This kind of synergistic play can be found in other characters as well. Again, Steven Universe comes to mind. But none of them offer as many buffs and debuffs as Velma. He can give his team armor and health, boost speed, apply ice blocks (to slow and eventually freeze players), and weaken enemies while dealing a ton of damage. Velma can even enlighten people – by throwing a book at a teammate, reducing the team’s cooldown, which no other character can do without using any bonuses/items. Basically, Velmla proves to be a powerful ally regardless of the situation.

Well-known YouTuber and fighting game expert John Crofts (jmcrofts) also believes that Velman is “insanely strong”. In the video below, he not only proves this notion true by racking up nearly 400 damage, but also mentions how well he supports the team and has the “potential to be tier one.”

The ability that really affects Velma has to be her Snooping passive. Certain actions during an encounter have a chance to generate evidence. Collect enough and he’ll be able to call a police car to come and knock out the locker player on the opposing team. It’s similar to Steven Universe’s bubble ability, except the police car will try to get them out of the game if they can’t break away, while the bubble keeps people in place. It is as comical as it is moving to see one taken off the stage and carried away.

Now this step may seem unfair. I mean, starting a fight and then calling the cops is definitely a Karen type thing. That said, it takes a while to gather the evidence needed to make that call. And if Velma dies before summoning the machine, she’ll have to start all over again when she respawns.

There are other downsides to worry about. First, Velma is always the target. Removing him from the game also removes his buffs and debuffs. Expect him to be shot from the start. He’s not very fast or strong himself; MultiVersusAssassins will circle around him, making him a bad choice (in most cases) for 1v1 matchups. Finally, his Up Special doesn’t cover much ground. Velma players must use her jumps and dodges correctly before using this move to survive to fall from a certain stage.

Even with her limitations, Velma is that chick. EVO champion SonicFox agrees. While she tends to destroy her opponents no matter who uses her, her video for “Velma Can Be” showcases just how big she can be in battle. Whether using verbal fireballs or getting up close and personal with their own brilliant ideas. Even with her superior speed, she is outmatched by Arya Stark.

Velma’s powerful attacks are enhanced by her support abilities, making her one of the best characters. multiverse. In the right hands, he would be nearly invincible no matter who he was paired with. We all thought it was going to be the Shaggy show. And in some aspects, it’s definitely a solid choice for solo and team-based battles. But Velma is the true representative of Mystery Inc. He embodies the iconic animated series (as Shaggy) while also embodying anyone foolish enough to rock his gorgeous frames.

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