Video: Transition Announces Carbon Patrol Coming This Fall

Video: Transition Announces Carbon Patrol Coming This Fall
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PRESS RELEASE: Transition Bikes

Last year we introduced the latest and greatest Patrol, now sporting 160mm of travel and compound tires, it’s made for fun on the trails. The new carbon frame aims to increase all levels of fun, from side-stepping on your favorite jump trail to pedaling your legs in the mountains.

The frame is carbon from front to back, giving it a sharp look and helping to keep the overall weight down. It features geo-tuning chips, size-specific chain lengths, 170mm travel capability, and all the other features found on the current alloy model.

New and notable features:

-Frame weighs 7.4 pounds, 2.8 pounds lighter than alloy
-Fully controlled seat post and conductive housing

Patrol Features:

-160mm front and rear travel
– Mixed tire configuration 29 front and 27.5 rear
-Outer rear brake cable routing
-Custom chain lengths for size
– Geometry adjustment chip on lower shock mount
-Fits dual crown fork
-Lifetime warranty and crash replacement program

Check out our “On Patrol” video with Torsenn Brown to see what it’s all about!
For this video, we wanted to showcase the ultimate ghost riding we associate with Patrol. Fast, loose and all-round turning crushes every part of the trail. This paired perfectly with Thorsenn Braun, one of our most under-the-radar drivers on our team.
Torsenn may not be a name you’ve heard before, but that’s because he prefers to let the horse ride. Torsenn, who doesn’t brag about himself on social media or on the trail, has been on the podium in the U.S. downhill racing scene for the past few seasons. Off the DH track, Thorsen’s skiing experience has given him incredible weather awareness and rounded out his skill set in a way that only a few riders have.
Patrol is for fun on the trail. The compound wheel configuration gives you the confidence to push hard and go fast while remaining incredibly agile and quick to change directions. It’s a track, rider and bike hell combo!
When he’s not tearing up laps on the local trails and training for downhill races, he’s practicing the smooth slides and spins seen in this video.
“I’ll be disappointed if I don’t crash at least a few times” – Torsenn

It would be easy to leave out all the crashes, but we wanted to show how much work and effort Torsen put into this video. 3 early in the morning we recorded each section starting with high speed open clay and jumps and ending with big pairs. Not only did he put in a lot of effort for this video, but he did it with a smile, never complaining when he was asked for another shot, instead seeing it as another opportunity to ride his bike. It was the love of driving and drunkenness that motivated the entire crew to capture the essence of the Patrol.

Driver: Torsenn Brown ( @torsenn )
Photos: Oliver Parish
Video: Skye Schillhammer

Expect to see frames hitting the website or your local bike shop this fall, with complete bikes coming soon after!


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