Videos show that Kyoto station is a bad place to be in a snowstorm

Videos show that Kyoto station is a bad place to be in a snowstorm
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The building’s cool design is not the best fit for frosty weather.

There are many beautiful things to see Kyotoand it starts as soon as he gets off the train. Kyoto station It’s a stylish and modern building with the full range of restaurants and souvenir shops you’d expect in Japan’s major railway hubs. That’s what makes it particularly beautiful a huge central hall that lets in fresh air and natural sunlight, make it feel like you are both inside and outside the station at the same time.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the unique architectural design of Kyoto station is not quite suitable for snow storms..

▼ Here it is inside station.

It’s cold in Japan right now and it started snowing in Kyoto around 3:30 PM on Tuesday. It subsided in the afternoon but started again in the evening and worsened as the night progressed.

“It’s snowing inside Kyoto Station.”

The amount of snow that fell in the city was not the only shocking aspect of the weather. Fierce winds blew across Japan’s former capital, and sometimes the snow didn’t really fall until it collided with some sort of stationary object.

▼ Even while the Mister Donut branch of the station was in service, it was neatly renovated These fancy new Toshi Yoroizuka collaboration donuts.

When the storm stopped and the snow softened, it actually looked kind of picturesque, assuming you were watching it from somewhere you warmed yourself, preferably with a cup of green tea or cocoa. hands.

But as surreal as dealing with the weather inside the station was, it was better than facing the full force of the elements completely outside the building.

In the station designers’ defense, snowstorms this powerful rarely occur in Kyoto, so it’s understandable that they weren’t a major concern when planning the building. Still, we bet many train commuters are happy that Kyoto only has one day of light, scattered snow in the forecast for the coming week.

Source: Kyoto Shimbun through Gin
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